Uncharted Commonplace

 I have become very interested in the hypothetical theory of a meta-universe or multiverse. I began reading the works of scientist Brian Greene, who speaks to this idea of these interpenetrating dimensions that are among the world we live in.  Among the many theories there was one that spoke to the idea that our universe is on a parallel plane with other universes and that at any given time energy can jump these planes and enter an alternate universe. It was this ability for these alternative realities to break into one another that really captivated me and I became immersed in the possibilities that it presented. 

These sciences lead me to the notion that these fissures in time and space could open at any given time and place allowing a parallel dimensions to pour into our own. The idea is surreal in nature and breaks the idea of the science it is formed around, but it id this dichotomy between possibility and true science that moves me.  From this overlying idea I developed an interest in the ordinary place becoming an entrance way for something unexpected. That it was the places that we are most normally submerged in that hold the biggest secrets, because we are in them so often that we do not see the subtleties they hold and the moments that are truly unique.