Otherwise Ordinary


“For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.” ~ Ivan Panin

This series calls notice to those things that fall by the wayside, and aims to encourage people to slow down and appreciate their surroundings because even in ruin there is something beautiful to be discovered. Many of the places presented in this series have eroded and changed to a state that they are no longer recognizable, or nonexistent in just a matter of a few months. There is always something new to discover, and likewise something nearly lost. These are things that can be seen within the interim of ones everyday commute or any day of their lives. They are things that are otherwise completely commonplace until they are noticed by the wandering eye and inspired mind. 

 Otherwise Ordinary is a series of images that focuses on places and structures that are forgotten and overlooked. The images in this series depict fleeting moments lost in the momentum of the everyday. They are things that we have let slip through our fingers, that hold a certain beauty but have only become that way from the neglect they have suffered. For instance the way that a vine encroaches on a structure over time, or the silent mystery of what lies behind an illuminated window. These moments are found in places created for a greater purpose and left to ruin and rubble claimed by the vegetation they sit upon.